Rachel Libeskind, Street Corner Society, and HGPG

Rachel Libeskind, Street Corner Society, and Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden will spend their residency haunting the surrounding woods, beaches and farmsteads of the Watermill Center in order to explore the myth of the rural, the poetics of haunting, and the dimensions of nightmare space. Drawing upon pagan rites, satanic rituals, and haunted hayrides, the team will mix mud, magic, metal, sand, bonfires and bones to further develop a body of visual, aural, and written ‘NightScapes’ inspired by Elie Wiesel’s holocaust memoir, Night.


Rachel Libeskind
A visual collagist and videographer, Rachel Libeskind was born in Milan. Educated in Berlin and New York, Libeskind completed her B.A. in Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University. Her work is characterized by a unique combination of historicist appropriation and improvisational rendering. Often found objects are transformed into dystopian or surrealist landscapes. Often humans appear to live in different time zones, have odd relationships of scale, are overtaken by architectural interventions, or are literalized by darkly comedic philosophical text.


Street Corner Society
Street Corner Society is an experimental theater, fashion and entertainment collective based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Gathered in 2010, Street Corner Society specializes in creating unusual events and uncanny experiences of a ritualistic nature. Its artists often work in situ, marrying lowbrow performance traditions with more highbrow philosophical concepts to create uniquely American adaptations of classic literature, ancient myths, and historical hearsay.


Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden
Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden is a contemporary art gallery in New York City. The venue specializes in work that is often viewed as extreme or degenerate. With a special focus on non-conceptual visual art, Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden aims to redefine contemporary art from 2012-2050 and to tame commercialized exhibitions in Chelsea. Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden has a unique focus on affecting the future direction of art, as opposed to reviewing Modernism, Pop, and Postmoderism from the 90′s and the early 2000′s. The gallery is the only commercial institution in New York that exclusively exhibits Post-postmodern work.

Residency event(s)
Nacht/Macht: A Multimedia Installation