Egill Sæbjörnsson & Marcia Moraes



In residence: April 24 - May 10, 2011

Images from the May 6, 2011 performance at Watermill

The Mind is putting together something they have named a pop opera. It departs from performance into the field of visual arts and music. Egill Saebjornsson is both a musician and visual artist and has dealt with performance for most of his career alongside making installations with video projected on objects that he shows in exhibitions in galleries, museums and institutions around the world. Freunde Guter Musik in Berlin asked him recently to work on a performance piece that should be presented at Hamburger Bahnhof in 2011. The initiators are Ingrid Buschmann and Dr. Gabriele Knapstein. As Egill had been working for over a year with Marcia Moraes on a project titled The Mind, which is a performance-based project exploring "score" in the widest sense using text, movement, objects, abstract and figurative imagery, music, and video projections, it seemed like a perfect option continuing this collaboration for Watermill. Marcia comes from theater and brings a deeper understanding of directing, choreography and overall conduction of the piece. Key phrases for this project are "decomposing" and What got you here won't get you there in the sense that music has to have some sort of a continuum. We build on the heritage but it has to move further. What touched us once wont touch us forever. The world consists of many elements and within the opera The Mind tries to reorder the elements of music, text, performance, and lighting, exploring the connection between content and appearance.

About The Artists

Egill Sæbjörnsson has a background both as a musician and visual artist and has dealt with performance for most of his career, alongside making installations with video projected onto objects. He has exhibited his works in numerous exhibitions around the world. Last year he was nominated for the Carnegie Art Award and this year he is a fellow at Villa Concordia in Germany. Marcia Moraes is a theater director, actress, dancer and a master physical theater professor. As well as doing her own productions she worked as a director and performer with Opera Composer Jocy de Oliveira in productions in Brazil and Germany. In New York she works with Richard Schechner teaching workshops for the performance department at the NYU. Lisa Lie works in the interface between performance art and text based theater. She has through her own work and the performance duo Sons of Liberty with Stina Kajaso, had a big influence on the Norwegian performance scene through a mixture of pop-culture, trash and misantrophic honesty. Lisa Lie has also published three books. Jeremy Woodruff's thoughtful actions with sound are informed by his comprehensive research of cultural/historical musicology. In the last few years several pieces were commissioned and premiered by Percusemble Berlin, and by the Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin, among others. In 2004 he moved to Berlin, Germany where he is currently Director of the Neue Musikschule Berlin. Currently he is a PhD candidate at the University of Pittsburgh.

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